1950s movies marathon – part 93

The Man in the Gray Flannell Suit (1956, USA)

A New York PR professional with a family in the suburbs who has bad memories from the war – now that sounds a bit familiar. This is basically a prequel to Mad Men, especially the way it looks and feels. Watched it all. The novel is probably better, but this isn’t too bad. It’s also a good war movie, (through a rare good use of flashbacks). The war scenes feel like they were made by people who actually fought in the war, unlike most 50s war movies, which feel like they were made by the little brothers who stayed home and dreamed of glory.

Godzilla – King of the Monsters (1956, Japan/USA)

This is the original Godzilla, mixed with new footage of an American journalist who pretends that he’s part of the plot, like someone crowding in on a photograph he doesn’t belong in. Watched: 4 minutes.

Disneyland Dream (1956, USA, Barstow)

A home movie shot by a family that won a vacation to Disneyland, goofing off with a camera along the way. It’s amazing. After all these movies, it’s like watching an entire age take off its Hollywood mask and reveal its inner self to be a cheerful, dorkish family of five. Watched it all. (And you can, too, at the Internet Archive.)

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