1950s movies marathon – part 74

Blackboard Jungle (1955, USA)

50s cultural history was a bit unclear to me before I started this marathon, so I was surprised to learn that it’s not until 1955 that you get movies that feature (actual) rock’n roll music and juvenile delinquents with (almost) stereotypical 50s hairdoes.  Watched it all.

Creature With the Atom Brain (1955, USA)

Is it very pedantic of me to point out that it makes absolutely no sense to talk about a “creature with an atom brain”, because all brains are made of atoms? Especially when the creature in question is actually a remote-controlled zombie. Watched: 5 minutes.

The Quatermass Xperiment (1955, UK)

Three men go up in space, only one of them returns, and he has become .. EVIL. Watched it all before, but I didn’t appreciate then that this is one of the best SF movies of the 50s so far – and also perhaps the first genuinely good SF horror. Welcome aboard, Hammer.

Jump Into Hell (1955, USA)

“This film is dedicated to the thousands of heroic men and officers of the French Union Forces who defended the fortress of Dienbienphu. Their courage stands as a symbol and proof that free men will forever oppose slavery.” Ah yes. I don’t think it was quite that simple. Watched: 5 minutes.

Daddy Long Legs (1955, USA)

The Swing Generation, they got old. Watched: 7 minutes.

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