1950s movies marathon – part 68

Rock’n Roll Revue (1955, USA)

Well this isn’t quite rock’n roll. But it does have that swing, and it certainly makes me want to go out there and invent rock’n roll right away. Watched it all.

The French They Are a Funy Race (1955, France, Sturges)

It was sad the way Preston Sturges was forced out of the movie industry in the mid-40s, after making  the only funny movies of the entire decade. It’s even sadder to see that, by this point, his first movie in years, he has forgotten how to make them. A few years later, he would be dead – leaving behind a half-finished but enjoyable autobiography. Watched: 4 minutes.

A Kid for Two Farthings (1955, UK, Reed)

There are movies, very rare ones, that seem not like movies at all, but a rift in space, opening up to a purer, more distilled level of reality. This is one of them. Watched it all.

Age 13 (1955, USA)

There’s nothing wrong with a teenage boy that can’t be cured with a little bit of psychoanalysis: Insecurity, juvenile delinquency, even the horrible life-sucking sadness of a mother’s death. Watched: 10 minutes.

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