1950s movies marathon – part 56

Davy Crockett (1954, USA)

Davy, Daaaavy Crockett!  Was this the first good TV series ever made? It’s a silly children’s adventure story, but Disney Corp are great at silly children’s adventure stories, and, by 1954 production standards, this is HBO. Watched: 1 episode. This show launched a Crockett craze that reached Norway in the form of Danish author Karen Brunés’ books under the pseudonym Tom Hill, which I devoured in a reprint 30 years later. And here I am back at the beginning. Round, like a circle in a spiral / Like a wheel within a wheel / Never ending or beginning / On an ever spinning wheel.

Sansho the Bailiff (1954, Japan, Mizoguchi)

Until Japan discovered their sense of fun, (whenever that was, Godzilla?), there was only Kurosawa, and lots and lots of dull, serious historical dramas. This falls in the latter category.  Watched: 8 minutes.

Karius og Baktus (1954, Norway, Caprino)

Don’t brush your teeth, or you’ll kill the nice gay couple who lives in your mouth. Watched it all.

Un americano a Roma / An American in Rome (1954, Italy)

The young Italians have gone crazy over American culture.  They eat American, speak American, think American, sing American, dress American.  It’s so funny!  Although, if you ask me, it’s better than being, you know, fascists.  Watched: 17 minutes.

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