1950s movies marathon – part 42

The Band Wagon (1953, USA, Minnelli)

Watched it all before, so many times that this time I decided to switch sympathies, and see the Broadway director as a genius who might have redefined theatre with his comedy-drama-horror-musical take on Faust if not for that has-been Fred Astaire and his showbusiness cronies.  Doesn’t work, and in fact this isn’t as good as I remember it. Oh well, that’s entertainment.

Blowing Wild (1953, USA)

Watch two of the magic formulas of the western movie put together for the first time: Frankie Laine and Mexican banditos.    Watched: 5 minutes.

House of Wax (1953, USA, de Toth)

Golden Age Hollywood gave Vincent Price ordinary roles with a bit of extra teeth.  With horror he grows into his true self, the delicate man on the edge of madness.  Watched it all before, and again now, the first half hour in 3D.  It’s the best 50s color 3D yet, meaning it feels not quite like an icepick in the head, so I saw the rest in glorious un-nauseating non-3D.

The Man Between (1953, UK, Reed)

An English woman’s brother’s German wife has a terrible secret in dark, divided Berlin, and I guess I’ll have to watch to the end to find out what it is.  Or .. I can just look it up on the internet.  Watched: 14 minutes.

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