Book roundup: Amal Aden, Steve Aylett, Guy Sorman

Amal Aden - Det skal merkes at de gråter

Amal Aden – Det skal merkes at de gråter (2011)

There are two ways to be a feminist now: One is to put on a mock-angry expression and repeat the old slogans about hidden power structures and average salary differences, and oh dear what does it really mean to be a feminist these days anyway?, to bored applause from those who remember the glory days.  The other is to stick your nose into questions of violence, rape, mutilation and general douchebaggery in minority cultures, where earlier generations have prepared no answers for you, and where independent thought may have you accused of being, or actually becoming, prejudiced.  And noone will thank you, least of all the women you’re concerned about.  But their daughters might.

Recommended: Yes.

Steve Aylett – The Inflatable Volunteer (1999)

“Though he’d fart like a sailor and stamp on elves when he saw them – and only he did – you couldn’t help but respect the man.”

Recommended: “Stumbling after the lost and damned, a buccaneer to nowhere in deserts of uniform? Alone with the skeleton of a sandwich and his deal with dread?”

Guy Sorman - The Empire of Lies

Guy Sorman – The Empire of Lies (2006)

Sorman talks to Chinese dissidents to show that, however breathtaking New China may be, it is still a dictatorship.  The Party has all power, and uses it to serve its own interests.  The Communists have rediscovered love of money, but they have no time for human dignity and honesty.  The China they’re building is a morally stunted China, a shadow of its potential.

Recommended: Yes.

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