1950s movies marathon – part 36

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953, USA, Hawks)

There are only two kinds of women: The kind that marries for looks (Jane Russell), and the kind that marries for money (Marilyn Monroe).  Watched it all.  It’s one of the insurmountable problems for the stricter brands of feminism that sexism and materialism is simply a lot more fun.  Oh, and I’ll stop making fun of Marilyn Monroe’s voice now.  The more she comes to look like her iconic self, the less I notice.

It Came From Outer Space (1953, USA)

Ha!  Who says I miss out on things by only watching old movies?  The 50s now have 3D too, and in some scenes it even looks half-way believable.  I wonder why it went out of fashion for 50 years.  Apart from the nauseau and headache, I mean.  Watched: 22 minutes.

Glen or Glenda (1953, USA, Wood)

Decades of bad B-movies about social and sexual issues have resulted in this, the ultimate bad movie.  But I must I say I admire Ed Wood a bit.  He’s advocating, in 1953, tolerance of transsexuals.  That’s a pretty big deal.  And he’s talentless in such a disarmingly earnest way.  Watched it all.  Then again, the movie reassures us that while Glen is a transvestite, he is “not a homosexual”.  Phew, well that’s allright then!

The Bells of Cockaigne  (1953, USA)

This TV movie is my first sighting of James Dean, who hasn’t perfected broody yet, and comes across as whiny instead.  Common problem.  Watched: 4 minutes. Btw, how do you pronounce Cockaigne?

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