1950s movies marathon – part 31

The Importance of Being Earnest (1952, UK)

The thing about Oscar Wilde plays is that I always feel certain that I’ve already seen them, but then it turns out that I don’t recognize a single scene.  Surely I must have seen Earnest before, but who are all these people?!  Watched it all.

Invasion USA (1952, USA)

How to do a war movie on a shoestring budget: 80% military stock footage, 20% some guys hanging around in a bar listening to a newscast about the invasion.  Watched it all – with MST3k commentary.

Kvinnors vantan (1952, Sweden, Bergman)

I remember having seen some good Ingmar Bergman movies, but there certainly are a lot of bad ones, and there is something uniquely annoying about a bad Bergman movie.  Watched: 7 minutes.

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice (1952, USA, Welles)

This edition comes with an updated, partly electronic, stereo soundtrack.  This is possibly a travesty, or at least very very odd.  As for the rest, I have the sense that I’ve been beaten over the head with dramatic shadows.  Watched: 17 minutes.

To Live / Ikiru (1952, Japan, Kurosawa)

Bureaucrats are unloved zombies who follow pointless rules for decades, and then they die, just at the point of discovering that it has all been in vain.  Watched: 14 minutes.

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