1950s movies marathon – part 29

The Thief (1952, USA, Rouse)

I think this is the only movie I’ve seen that has no dialogue whatsoever.  It’s not something I want to see emulated too often, but it’s perfect for this tense thriller about a spy who steals nuclear secrets for the Communists.  Watched it all.

The Prisoner of Zenda (1952, USA)

The best moment in any Deborah Kerr movie is when she wrinkles her nose at all the unseemly business she finds herself involved in.  Which is pretty much all the time.  But in this case you have to suffer through two copies of Stewart Granger, early 50’s MGM’s idea of movie star material.  Watched: 6 minutes, (plus the occasional nose wrinkle scene).

Monkey Business (1952, USA, Hawks)

Marilyn Monroe billing watch: Fourth.   Watched: 4 minutes, then fast-forwarded to see if Marilyn’s voice has become less annoying. Not really.

Stars and Stripes Forever (1952, USA)

A biopic of John Philip Sousa. Which means you get to spend one and a half hour listening to music by .. John Philip Sousa.  Whoever thought this was a good idea?!  Watched: 4 minutes.

Above and Beyond (1952, USA)

I have nothing to say about the movie, but listen to this music, by Hugo Friedhofer.  If anyone wonders why I keep up this marathon,  it’s because it allows me to stumble unprepared into moments like these.

4 Responses to 1950s movies marathon – part 29

  1. karsten says:

    guess what bjørn: nobody gives a shit about your boring old movies

  2. Well of course they don’t, (except for the ones that do). I don’t see how that is relevant, though.

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