1950s movies marathon – part 28

Bend of the River (1952, USA, Mann)

The farmers who headed out West for some hard, honest work in some green valley somewhere find there’s a not so honest city next door, and it’s right in the middle of a gold rush.  It’s city values vs pioneer values, and only James Stewart knows how to speak both languages.  Watched it all.

Trost i taklampa (1952, Norway)

Rural life can be pleasant, but it will eat your soul.  At best you’ll end up talking like Alf Prøysen.  Get out of there!  Watched: 20 minutes.

Affair in Trinidad (1952, USA)

It says something about which time track I’m most in touch with these days that the other day I was listening to the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis show, and I actually got one of their celebrity jokes, about Rita Hayworth’s marriage to Aly Khan.  Anyway, it seems to be over now, and she’s back on screen driving Glenn Ford mad with that well-tested old Gilda shtick again.  Watched: 11 minutes.

Big Jim McLain (1952, USA)

HUUAC member John Wayne goes to Hawaii to find himself some communists to bust.  Watched: 8 minutes, then fast-forwarded to see if it ends, as these movies often do, with the hero punching a communist in the face.  It does!  In fact, he punches a whole stinkin’ filthy red cell of them.  Hell, yeah! Er .. I mean, how uncivilized.

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