Movie clips

My favorite part of the movie marathon is stumbling across great scenes in old movies, and putting them up on YouTube.  Clips are like the visual equivalent of a quote.  They can be used in all sorts of different contexts.

For instance, this clip from the 1949 movie Reign of Terror, where a woman is tied up and tortured by Robespierre, has been picked up by a bondage porn blog, and is now associated by YouTube with similarly themed clips from other movies.  That was .. not quite what I intended – but I don’t mind.

This mindboggling clip from the 1949 Soviet movie The Fall of Berlin, where Stalin is worshipped like a god, has gotten lots of hits from what looks like a pro-Soviet discussion forum.  I wish I knew what they were saying about it, but I haven’t found the actual thread.

My most popular clip is not from an old movie, but the recent cartoon series Sym-Bionic Titan.  According to YouTube’s statistics, it’s particularly popular with the under-18’s, (and equally popular with males and females, which is interesting for what’s basically American mecha anime).  The comments make me take back every bad thought I’ve ever had about The Kids These Days and YouTube commenters in general.  They’re adorable!

And some of these clips I like so much that I go back and rewatch them later.  They’re usually musical numbers, like Pass That Peace Pipe, Ballin’ the Jack and Harps in Heaven. Go take a look. They may make you smile. (This definitely will.)

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