1950s movies marathon – part 21

That’s My Boy (1951, USA, Walker)

Jerry Lewis is a sickly nerd with jock parents, so when he goes off to college they team him up with Dean Martin to make him more Dean Martiny.  Watched it all, but all in all it’s played too straight, and the point about the bullying father is hammered in even beyond what must have been necessary in 1951.  Worse, Jerry overcomes his challenges in the end by abandoning all his dreams, conforming to social expectations, and becoming a big football hero.  Boo!

Encore (1951, UK)

This is the third movie based on W. Somerset Maugham’s short stories that opens with him personally making a statement about the meaning of his Art.  What a horrible horrible idea that is.  Whatever the merits of the rest of this movie, I certainly don’t want to like it now, and I refuse to even try.  Watched: 2 minutes.

Five Men of Edo (1951, Japan)

Yes, it was pretty silly of the Japanese to try to conquer Asia with arms, when they could have conquered the whole world with historical dramas.  Even when, like here, the interwoven storylines of ronins, lords, bandits and courtesans expand into one  unfocused epic mess.  Watched: 48 minutes.

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