Media ideas that feel dated

It may just be me, but here are some media and technology ideas that right now feel a bit dated.  Not much, just enough that I pause a little when I encounter them, and think “yes, but ..”:

– That everything must be connected with social media.  That there must always be a “tweet this” or “like this” button, everywhere.  (But whenever I see a Facebook box that says “hey, we notice you’re visiting this site – here are some of your friends who like it too!” it freaks me out.)

– That everything must have an URL.

– That everything must be free, or noone will care.

– That everything must be personalizable.  (I don’t want my search results and App Store bestseller lists adapted to where I live.  I do want to pick and choose from media sources, but I want each of them to speak with their own voice, not ask me what I want to hear about.)

– That the best sources of information are automated or crowd-sourced.

It’s not new that I am skeptical of these ideas.  What’s new is that they now feel over-extended as well, and their promoters just haven’t discovered it yet.  Again, it may be just me.  But here is one thing that does not feel dated:

– Anything, no matter the format, that is well-written, well-made, well-selected, well-presented, by individuals with a vision of what they want to create.

There’s not necessarily a conflict here.  It’s about what feels relevant.  The last one does, more than ever.  None of the others do.

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