1950s movies marathon – part 17

Ace in the Hole (1951, USA, Wilder)

A bunch of Chilean miners are stuck down in a cave somewhere, and Pulitzer-aspiring journalist Kirk Douglas is more than happy to turn it into a media circus.  He’s a bastard, but he’s a new kind of bastard, in touch with the low, greedy soul of the times.  Watched it all.

Bahar (1951, India)

Watching a comedy from a foreign culture can be an odd experience. It’s like it’s randomly phasing in and out of the funny zone. But this isn’t too strange.  It’s basically the Indian version of the old Hollywood formula: Wealthy airheads and their romantic troubles, interrupted by song and dance.  Watched: 31 minutes.

The Tall Target (1951) - Dick Powell

The Tall Target (1951, USA, Mann)

Dick Powell is on the train to Baltimore, and so is Abe Lincoln’s assassin.  Watched it all.  Every time I start an Anthony Mann movie, I promise myself not to be biased by how fantastic his previous movies have been. Maybe this one won’t be so good.  And almost every time, I find myself sucked into the movie, scene by scene.  Mann is the director Hitchcock is often credited to be, and for far less money too.  And this is one of his best movies, the kind of cramped, focused thriller Hitchcock (let’s be honest now) only rarely succeeded in making.

Miss Julie / Fröken Julie (1951, Sweden)

Everyone in the Swedish countryside is absolutely despicable.  They do nothing but humiliate, laugh at and beat each other all day.  Why, that’s terrible!  Watched: 13 minutes.

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