1950s movies marathon – part 16

The Whip Hand (1951, USA, Menzies)

Angus MacGyver stumbles into one of those small towns where everyone conspires to hide a Horrible Horrible Secret.   Naturally he starts Asking Questions, and will soon discover that the town is secretly ruled by gangsters, Communists, or possibly even Nazis.  Watched it all.  Spoiler: It’s actually ex-Nazis working for the Communists, and in the end the police shoots them all dead with machineguns.  Hell, yeah!  Er .. I mean, how uncivilized.

Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1951, UK)

Life at Hogwarts can be difficult, but also a source of valuable life lessons, etc. etc. Yes but where’s Flashman, the famous spin-off character?  Ah, here he is.  Watched: 9 minutes, then fast-forwarded to find all the Flashman scenes.  Apparently he’s the main villain of the story, and he’s just as repulsive as advertised!

Mr Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951, USA)

I wouldn’t exactly call them good, but I’m fond of the Belvedere movies.  He’s a cross between Sheldon Cooper and a stoic mentor, who rudely insists on teaching others to make their choices and stand by them.  Here he moves into an old people’s home to get the patients to stop whining about their age, and start living again.  It’s didactic, but I forgive that when I approve the message.  Watched it all.

The Lady and the Bandit (1951, USA)

“England – the eighteenth century – a lawless age of lawless men”.  No.  No, I think that was in fact not the case.  Watched: 3 minutes.

5 Responses to 1950s movies marathon – part 16

  1. Ørjan says:

    Either you spelled Hogwarts wrong or I’m an ignorant fool. Or possibly both.

  2. Not an ignorant fool – possibly a nitpicker, but you’re absolutely right. Thanks!

  3. Ørjan says:

    And what, pray tell, of the state of the nation should I start to leave such nits unpuck?

  4. Shirley you mean unpicked?

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