1950s movies marathon – part 15

People Will Talk (1951, USA, Mankiewicz)

The unconventional doctor, played by an aging comic actor, doesn’t cure chronic illnesses with positive thinking, nor does he throw millennia of medicine out the window whenever he feels like it.  In fact, he’s really quite an interesting character.  So is every other person who opens their mouth in this movie.  Watched it all.

As Young As You Feel (1951, USA)

It’s fun to watch Marilyn Monroe climb up the cast list.  Here she’s number six.  Watched: 3 minutes, then fast forwarded to see Marilyn.  I still don’t quite see her appeal.  As an actor, I mean.  But she definitely has something nobody else has.  Again, I refer to her acting.

Four Ways Out / La Citta si diffende (1951, Italy, Germi)

Turns out that when you stop trying to make important movies about “real people”, the rundown apartment blocks of Italy make a pretty good backdrop for an Asphalt Jungle type post-heist thriller. Watched it all.

Distant Drums (1951, USA)

Never mind the movie, but while fast-forwarding through it I noticed a close-up shot of a man being stabbed in the stomach.  That’s new.  Step by step, filmmakers are learning that movies and violence go really well together.

Birthright (1951, USA)

Okay, some sort of boring educational movie about some family or something .. fast-forwarding .. fast-forwarding .. and, OH MY GOD, is that an actual uncensored human birth?!!  Yes.  Yes it certainly is.  Lots of it.  Watched: I don’t know.  Where was I?

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