1950s movies marathon – part 12

Let’s Go Crazy (1951, UK, Cullimore)

Everything is all going to be allright now, I can feel it: Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan are here, doing the kind of short film that’s waiting for the British sketch show to be invented.  It’s not funny, but it’s got Peter Sellers!  And Spike Milligan!  Doing nonsensical sketches!  Yes, everything is going to be all right.  Watched it all.

Valgus Koordis (1951, USSR)

This movie came without subtitles, but it seems to be the Estonian version of that scene in Summer Stock where Judy Garland gets a shiny red tractor, only without all the decadent bourgeouis singing and dancing.  Watched: 2 minutes.

The Desert Fox (1951, USA, Hathaway)

I didn’t really want to watch this.  It’s a fawning biopic of Rommel, and it’s probably got all sorts of facts wrong.  He’s the one Good German, etc etc.  But I couldn’t stop, because this movie annoyingly persists in being interesting.  Watched it all.  Oh, and at some point along the way Hollywood appears to have invented the modern action movie, at least for a few minutes there in the intro.  Good for them!

Bedtime for Bonzo (1951, USA)

Life’s going downhill for Ronald Reagan, the former A-list actor who now finds himself doing one of those stupid 80’s-style comedies about a nice teacher, his chimpanzee, and the evil dean who interferes with his love life.  Watched: 10 minutes.  Once more I’m transported to that alternative reality where Reagan faded out of history at this point.

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