1950s movies marathon – part 10

House by the River (1950, USA, Lang)

Horrible things float by on the river, bad memories that won’t stay down.  This is the most visually interesting movie in a long while.  It’s like a silent movie, all shocking images and dramatic shadows, and it could actually work well without any sound at all.  Watched it all.

Cinderella (1950, USA)

A girl who suffers from horribly deformed feet, but otherwise has the looks and bearing of a natural aristocrat, gets her army of animal servants to do all her chores for her, so she can live out her dream of running off and marrying some fancy prince somewhere.  Because she’s special.  Rodents of the Cinderella home, throw off your shackles!  Watched: 15 minutes.

Outrage (1950, USA, Lupino)

The actor Ida Lupino, who was great in Road House and Lust for Gold,  also directed a series of socially conscious movies, movies about unwanted pregnancy, disease, – and here, rape.  It was all very groundbreaking, I’m sure, but also dull and preachy.  Watched: 4 minutes, then fast forwarded to the (quite shocking) rape scene, then the courtroom scene, where we learn that society was really to blame for treating the rapist like a criminal all his life.

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