1950s movies marathon – part 7

Winchester ’73 (1950, USA, Mann)

Aka the Brotherhood of the Travelling Winchester, the perfect gun that brings out the murderer in everyone – especially murderers.  Watched it all before, and again now, because there’s nothing quite like an Anthony Mann western, and James Stewart is so adorable at this point you just want to hug him.

Highway 301 (1950, USA)

This much is certain: When a movie opens with three separate state governors declaring that the story is based on cold, hard facts, well, then maybe it is based on cold, hard facts, but it’s not going to be very interesting.  Watched: 3 minutes.

All About Eve (1950, USA, Mankiewicz)

The way I remembered it, it was Marilyn  Monroe, the star of the 50’s, who came in at the end and is destined to kick Anne Baxter off the throne she herself had just kicked Bette Davis, the star of the 30’s, off.  But that would have been too prophetic.  Monroe’s character gets shuffled off to play in television.  Watched it all many times before, and I’ll watch it again any time I get the chance.  I’m actually supposed to hate movies about actors, for the same reason I don’t like it when bloggers blog about blogging, but somehow I keep forgetting that principle the moment George Sanders starts speaking.

State Secret (1950, UK, Gilliat)

Decades of Cold War thrillers have made me expect something a bit more campy than this from the adventures of a Westerner stuck in Generic East Bloc Country.  But I guess every genre has to start somewhere.  Watched: 21 minutes.

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