1950s movies marathon – part 6

Devil’s Doorway (1950, USA, Mann)

The best westerns were always about law and anarchy, property and theft, the building blocks of society.  Sociological SF.  And this is one of them.  All the forces are in balance: Nobody’s entirely right, but nobody knows how to act otherwise, so everybody loses.  Watched it all.  Also, when it comes to Hollywood anti-racism and feminism, I’d rather take Anthony Mann’s brand of it than anyone else’s.

A Woman of Distinction (1950, USA)

Ah yes, this is that movie where the successful career woman learns that she needs a man in her life after all.  Watched: 2 minutes.

At War With the Army (1950, USA)

Hey, this is something new: A comedy that isn’t completely execrable.  I even find myself laughing from time to time.  It’s basically just Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin goofing around on a cheap set, doing all the usual military jokes, but it’s fresh.  Watched it all.

La Ronde (1950, France, Ophüls)

I find it very annoying when a movie opens with a character who speculates on whether he is the author of the story we’re about to watch, or a stand-in for the audience, and whether the movie is set on a stage, in a studio, or in the magical magical past.  Watched: 5 minutes.

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