1950s movies marathon – part 3

Summer Stock (1950, USA, Walters)

There are two views on super-cheerful musicals like this: One is that they are naive and old-fashioned, because everyone knows you can’t have real art without despair.  Mine is that any hack can portray angst, what’s really hard is doing larger-than-life cheerfulness right.  Watched it all before, so this time I just fast-forwarded through all the talkie parts.

The Wooden Horse (1950, UK, Lee)

Hey, I read this story in Donald Duck & Co once!  It’s the one where the Beagle Boys use a vaulting horse to hide the tunnel they’re digging out of prison.  Except here it’s British POW’s, for some reason.  Watched: 2 minutes, then fast forwarded to see how many details the Beagle Boys got right.  I’m not sure I like POW movies, anyway.  There’s something phony about doing a movie about the two guys who escaped to freedom, while millions were dying randomly all around them.

King Solomon’s Mines (1950, USA)

It’s very principled of Deborah Kerr to head out in the African wilderness wearing a corset.  One must have standards.  And it’s absolutely adorable the way she says, about Quatermain, “oh, he’s a dreadful man”.  Watched it all.  But what this movie really needs is some airships.  It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

No Way Out (1950, USA, Mankiewicz)

Hollywood.  One moment they make all-white and borderline racist movies.  The next they’ve wholeheartedly embraced the preachy anti-racist message movie.  Is there no middle ground?  Watched: 20 minutes.  But it’s interesting to see Sidney Poitier in his first big role.

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