40’s movies marathon – best of 1948

Well, that was 1948.  A year of slow but noticable change in the movie industry, and of change in this marathon, where I learned how to upload clips of the scences I can’t or don’t want to forget.  You can also find the clips on YouTube, and that may actually be more interesting than these reviews, because is there anything more pointless than reading about movies?  I try to make clips that represent what I liked about the movie, so if you like the clip, you’ll probably like the movie.

Best of the best


The Red Shoes

Literary classics



Oliver Twist

Meanwhile, in the former Axis

Germania Anno Zero

The Bicycle Thief

A Hen in the Wind

A Foreign Affair

Drunken Angel

Angry murdering murderers and the murdering murderers who murder them

Raw Deal

The Man From Colorado

Key Largo

Act of Violence

Red River

The Treasure of Sierra Madre

Road House

Disney at their worst

Melody Time

So Dear to My Heart

Preston Sturges at his worst

Unfaithfully Yours

I can’t think of more categories

Daughter of Darkness

Louisiana Story


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