40’s movies marathon – best of 1947

Here’s to 1947, a year inbetween other years.  1947 also happened to be the last year of the so-called Hollywood “golden age”, by which movie historians mean the period when the major studios could do whatever the hell they pleased, because they owned the stars and the movie theaters, and had no real competitors.  In 1948 the studios lost an anti-trust suit and had to sell off their theaters, and then television took off, which eventually gave us MacGyver, the culmination of all entertainment history, but that’s all in the future.  Here are my favorite movies from 1947, by category:

Wtf was that?!

Black Narcissus

Fun and dancing

Good News

It Happened in Brooklyn

English (and Irish) gangsters

Brighton Rock

Hue and Cry

Odd Man Out


Ride the Pink Horse

Out of the Past



First-person shooters

Lady in the Lake

Dark Passage

The funny humor

The Senator was Indiscreet

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock

Domo arigato, mr Kurosawa

One Wonderful Sunday


Monsieur Vincent


An Ideal Husband

The Fugitive

A Double Life

Nightmare Alley

Dreams that Money Can Buy

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