40’s movies marathon – part 105

Nightmare Alley (1947) - Carnival geek

Nightmare Alley (1947, USA, Goulding) – Carnival crook Tyrone Power discovers the power of cold reading, and decides to become a fake psychic for the social elite.  Watched it all.  I think Bob Dylan sang this movie once.  Ignore the last few minutes.  The movie properly ends with the line, “mister, I was born for it”.

The Paradine Case (1947, USA, Hitchcock) – Hm, I was looking forward to the yearly Hitchcock, but here I am feeling bored.  Courtroom drama blah blah.  Watched: 12 minutes.

Skepp till India Land (1947) - Birger Malmsten

Skepp till India land (1947, Sweden, Bergman) – A sailor returns to his old home town, where he finds nothing but existential dread and memories of his evil father.  Watched it all.  It’s refreshing to see a movie that doesn’t follow the usual tropes of the time, but this movie has its own clichés.  Basically everyone suffers because they behave like complete idiots, and we’re supposed to empathize. I don’t.

Down to Earth (1947, USA, Hall) – Everybody loves those movies were the dead are sent down from Heaven to do good deeds.  And let’s throw in some musical numbers!  Watched: 6 minutes.

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947) - Harold Lloyd

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947, USA, Sturges) – Fired after 20 years as an accountant, Harold Lloyd has his first taste of alcohol, which brings out the old go-getter in him.  He becomes a wild and crazy guy who buys circuses and wears loud clothes.  Watched it all.  Whatever happened to Preston Sturges?  Nothing for years, and then “California Productions”?  Did the major studios kick him out?  But it doesn’t matter: This is hilarious.

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