40’s movies marathon – part 102

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) - Danny Kaye

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947, USA, McLeod) – Danny Kaye is a pulp magazine proofreader who gets pushed around by his mother, fiancee, and other ghastly women, and finds escape in the ASTOUNDING world of his EXOTIC and RACY fantasies.  Watched it all.  This movie’s up for a 2012 remake, possibly featuring Sacha Baron Cohen.  Hm ..

Kiss of Death (1947, USA, Hathaway) – Victor Mature (a case of real name = porn name) leads a life of crime, but he’s probably not such a bad sort underneath, if only circumstances would force him to change, and leave him absolutely no option but to become a good guy.  Watched: 21 minutes, then fast forwarded to see the wheelchair scene.  Also contains the most nervewrecking elevator ride I’ve ever seen.

Hi-De-Ho (1947) - Cab Calloway

Hi-De-Ho (1947, USA, Binney) – Cab Calloway hi-de-hi’s and hi-de-ho’s his way into showbusiness.  I’ve only found a few of these all-black musicals, made when Hollywood was still segregated.  They’re cheap and bad, but they have all the best music by far.  Watched the musical numbers, skipped the dialogue.

New Orleans (1947, USA, Lubin) – Hey, what’s this – a relatively non-segregated musical, featuring Louis Armstrong as a 1917 jazz musician.  Too bad I don’t like Louis Armstrong.  And it’s still cheap and bad.  Watched: 8 minutes, then fast forwarded to the end, where an all-white orchestra introduce this new “jazz” thing at a classical concert.  Eventually the audience start nodding their heads sideways(?!) and grinning sheepishly.

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