40’s movies marathon – part 101

Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947) - Jack Bittner

Dreams that Money Can Buy (1947, USA) – A dream detective looks into the subconscious of his clients.  I think this is the earliest surrealist American movie I’ve seen.  Surrealism doesn’t interest me much, but most of the segments here are quite good.  They deal with conformity and being true to your inner weirdness, and they don’t stray so far into symbolism that you don’t get the point.  Watched it all.

Last of the Redmen (1947, USA, Sherman) – I remember Last of the Mohicans as being pretty boring, and so is this movie version.  Watched: 4 minutes.  Shot in Cinecolor, the poor man’s color system, which did red and blue well but struggled with green, which means the redcoats and the redmen are particularly vibrantly red, and the forest is a sort of ugly brownish green.

The Fugitive (1947) - Henry Fonda

The Fugitive (1947, USA, Ford) – In an alternate, mythical Mexico where the communists/fascists have killed all the priests, and persecute the faithful, the last surviving priest returns to his village.  Watched it all.  It’s nice to see some good science fiction at last – and religious SF is even rarer.  Lots of people hate this movie, and I can’t figure out why.

Monsieur Verdoux (1947, USA, Chaplin) – I don’t  think I’ve really liked anything Chaplin has ever made. At most I react with a detached “yes, I clearly recognize that as a humorous gag”.  Here he’s a cheerful little serial monogamist / serial killer.  With slapstick.  Which I clearly recognize as being a concept that falls in the humorous category.  Watched: 22 minutes.

2 Responses to 40’s movies marathon – part 101

  1. Konrad says:

    M Verdoux is rarely screened. A bit schizofrenic in terms of genre and style, but I think it deserves more, not least by those who think they know Chaplin. Its political and moral ramifications is perhaps the most important reason to see this largely forgotten piece.

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