40’s movies marathon – part 99

Lady in the Lake (1947) - Robert Montgomery

Lady in the Lake (1947, USA, Montgomery) – I can’t decide if this is the Philip Marlowe Christmas Special or a brilliant gimmick: Everything is shot in first person, from Marlowe’s point of view.  It looks like a video game, I feel like clicking on things.  The only other movie I’ve seen do that was The Message, about Muhammed.  This implies that there is no god but Raymond Chandler, and that Philip Marlowe is his prophet.  Sounds okay with me.  Watched it all.

It Had to be You (1947, USA) – Ginger Rogers keeps saying no at the altar, but this time she really intends to go through with it.  Maybe.  I’m getting chick flick vibes here.  Whatever happened to screwball?  Watched: 9 minutes.

T-Men (1947)

T-Men (1947, USA, Mann) – There are plenty of 40’s docudramas where a corny voiceover introduces us to the heroic work of secret agents, federal agents, etc.  This is the first that’s any good.  It makes anti-counterfeit police work look exciting.  And it’s still got that corny voiceover.  Watched it all.

Frieda (1947, UK, Dearden) – An English pilot marries a German girl, and takes her home to introduce her to some good old-fashioned English prejudices.  Watched: 19 minutes.  Based on a play by Ronald Millar, who later became Margaret Thatcher’s speechwriter, and wrote all of her best jokes.

Road to Rio (1947, USA, McLeod) – I’m trying to give Bob Hope a chance.  Honestly, I am.  I’m not prejudiced, I just really hate every single one of his movies.  Watched: 9 minutes.

4 Responses to 40’s movies marathon – part 99

  1. I haven’t seen “Lady in the Lake” yet, but I’ve seen clips. This has to be the funniest review of a noir I’ve ever read. Well done.

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