40’s movies marathon – part 82

I See a Dark Stranger (1946) - Deborah Kerr

I See a Dark Stranger (1946, UK, Launder) – Raised on stories about British atrocities, Deborah Kerr goes to Dublin to join the IRA.  Turns out the old IRA isn’t very active these days, what with the independence and all, but Nazi Germany wouldn’t mind some help with their heroic struggle against the British.  Watched it all.

Mysterious Intruder (1946, USA, Castle) – An old man hires a private detective to find a girl who lived nearby.  All he remembers about her is that she was 14, and had long, blonde curls.  Okay, that’s creepy.  Watched: 6 minutes.

A Night in Casablanca (1946) - Groucho Marx

A Night in Casablanca (1946, USA, Mayo) – The Marx Brothers are getting old, literally.  But this is pretty good for one of their later movies.  The jokes are actually funny, and the rest doesn’t get in the way.  Watched it all.   Of course, Horse Feathers is five times funnier.  And Duck Soup.  And A Night at the Opera.  Did I mention that the Marx Brothers are the only 30’s and 40’s comedy team that was funny?  I had no idea before I started this marathon, but it’s true, or at least interesting.

Angel on My Shoulder (1946, USA, Mayo!) – A murdered gangster goes to Hell, where Satan recruits him to spread the cause of gangsterism back on Earth.  I guess that’s plan B after Nazism failed.  Watched: 17 minutes.

7 Responses to 40’s movies marathon – part 82

  1. Petter says:

    Agreed that no one topped the Marx Brothers at their best,still, Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello were pretty funny too.

  2. I was pretty disappointed with them.

  3. Petter says:

    OK, let’s scratch Abbott and Costello. But Laurel and Hardy? You don’t think they’re funny? Seriously?

  4. No, but maybe I watched the wrong movies before giving up on them. Which would you recommend?

  5. Petter says:

    Oh Lord, no idea. It’s been such a long time and they made so many. All I remember is that just about everything they did cracked me up.

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