40’s movies marathon – part 72

Le Retour (1945)

Le Retour (1945, France/USA, Cartier-Bresson) – The prisoners are coming home.  Millions of prisoners, by foot, by train, and by plane.  When some of them look into the camera, you see a small reflection of Hell in their eyes.  Others look so ordinary, like it was all a horrible misunderstanding.  I wonder what became of them.  Watched it all.

My Name is Julia Ross (1945, USA, Lewis) – A girl is kidnapped by evil Cornwallians, for use in a plot that is so complicated that it might take the whole movie to resolve.  Watched: 20 minutes.

The Corn is Green (1945, USA, Rapper) – Bette Davis moves to Hollywood Wales, and upsets the local Hollywood Welshmen.  Watched: 8 minutes.

Betrayal From the East (1945, USA, Berke) – The Japanese-American community is full of insidious fifth columnists.  And they all look alike, so I guess we should, I don’t know, lock them all up or something.  Watched: 14 minutes.

Objective Burma! (1945, USA, Walsh) – On principle, I never watch Errol Flynn movies.  The principle is that I hates him I hates him I hates him.  Watched: 9 seconds.

Brewster’s Millions (1945, USA, Dwan) – A soldier returns home to find that he has inherited a fortune.  What an incredible stroke of luck!  And there’s a Moral too!  Watched: 18 minutes.

Flame of Barbary Coast (1945, USA, Kane) – John Wayne wanders into the fun-loving world of gambling.  They let him win lots of money just because they like him, and he’ll probably get the girl too.  Watched: 20 minutes.

One Response to 40’s movies marathon – part 72

  1. groftekanten says:

    Fortsatt like tålmodig ser jeg 😆

    Ellers må jeg få komme inn med en bitteliten kommentar igjen. Når jeg ser på gamle filmer (noe som skjer så sjeldent så jeg egentlig ikke burde bruke flertall her) så blir jeg fasinert av hvor analogt det var …i gamle dager den gang vi var ung osv. Jeg kan se på en gammel film/krimserie fra 70-tallet og bare la meg fasinere av hvordan ting var før. Selve plottet eller handlingen i filmen er noe som gjerne går meg hus forbi. Men når du ser en gammel krimserie… prøv å fokuser på alle de finessene som vi på 70-tallet definerte som “jæskla kult” 🙂

    Wish you a very happy friday with a beer and some nuts!
    Well… whats left of it.

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