Wings for This Man (1945)

Two things I note here:

1) For some reason the narration got me thinking about Reagan’s 1984 Morning in America ad.  Turns out it wasn’t just because the style is similar, with calm, simple statements in the present tense, and an optimistic tone.  The narrator actually is Ronald Reagan. (Btw, I rather like Reagan as an actor, and I don’t understand the mockery about him being a B movie actor.  Possibly a myth that stuck because nobody could be bothered to actually watch those movies.)

2) Notice the way it tip-toes around racial issues.  This movie is clearly intended to give credit to African-American soldiers for their contribution to the the war effort, but it doesn’t actually say so.  Without the pictures, the words would lose their anti-racist meaning.  How odd.  I wonder who the intended audience was.

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