40’s movies marathon – Best of 1944

1944 is over, and it’s time to list my favorite movies of the year:

Preston Sturges FTW

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

Hail the Conquering Hero

Shadows and dark intentions

Murder, My Sweet


Ministry of Fear

To Have and Have Not

Dark Waters

The Mask of Dimitrios

Ealing & Powell & Pressburger

A Canterbury Tale

Champagne Charlie

Fiddlers Three

Cheer up, there’s a war on!

Up in Arms

Pin Up Girl

Bands of brothers (and sisters)

Henry V

The Way Ahead

Ichiban Utsukushiku

The Fighting Lady

Other oddities

Jane Eyre


Ivan Grozny – Part 1

The Hairy Ape

Miyamoto Musashi

Voodoo Man

The True Story of Lilli Marlene

As the new year begins, many questions remain to be answered.  Will the war end this year?  If it does, will war musicals end as well, or mutate into something even more horrible?  And is this the worst decade EVER, or what?

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