Favorite books of 2010

With everybody making lists of their favorite books of 2009, here are my favorite books of 2010:

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, abridged edition, 800 pages.  Half the cuts were achieved by removing all references to braid-tugging (whatever that is).

Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousconomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, in which we learn that if you approach it as a sort of game, even cleaning your room can be fun.  We also follow a rogue sociologist’s initiation into the suprisingly jolly life of chimney sweeps.

On Getting a Grip by Aristotle.  Previously thought lost, this rediscovered appendix to the Nicomachean Ethics argues that people should just calm the fuck down and quit whining, because it’s not the end of the world.  It becomes the best-selling book of the year, and a whole world leaves 2010 with the ability to not be such stupid assholes all the time.

Yes We Did It All by Anonymous.  In this tell-all memoir by a former member of the secret world government, we learn how NWO and the Bilderberg Group killed the Kennedys, faked the moon-landing, blew up the World Trade Center, and ruined the Star Wars prequels.

Zombies Are Totally Awesome.  In this brain-splattering retelling of World War II, zombie Roosevelt, zombie Churchill and zombie Stalin join forces against zombie Hitler, zombie Mussolini and zombie Hello Kitty.  In the apocalyptic climax, G. I. zombies and zombie Comrades fight their way through the last line of Nazi zombies, only to find that zombie Hitler has already eaten his own brain.

2 Responses to Favorite books of 2010

  1. Hjorthen says:

    That Wheel of Time-edition would have been on my list as well!

  2. I actually started doing that, once. Out of frustration at finding myself stuck in the quagmire of book 10 or so, I took out a pen and started crossing out all the unnecessary words on a couple of pages. It helped. I felt much better afterwards.

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