40’s movies marathon – part 59

Fiddlers Three (1944, UK, Watt) – Two Ealing chaps get sent back into Roman times.  Very silly.  Favorite line: “Another government housing scheme gone wrong”, said while looking at Stonehenge.  Favorite scene: Speaking pig-latin to hide their meaning from their Roman captors.  No, wait, my favorite is the messenger who tries to deliver his news in a grand oratory style but keeps getting thrown out.  Watched it all.

Nabonga (1944, USA, Newfield) – A girl and her trigger-happy father crashes in jungle, befriends gorilla.  Bad in every way.  Watched: 10 minutes.

The Three Caballeros (1944, USA, Ferguson) – This isn’t a good Disney movie, but I love seeing them experiment.  It looks like they had fun making this, thinking up visual gags and new ways to present what’s really a subject with limited potential: South America.  Watched it all.

Going My Way (1944, USA, McCarey) – A new priest arrives in a neighbourhood, and must deal with loan sharks, nasty old ladies and atheists.  Watched: 8 minutes.

Mademoiselle Fifi (1944, USA, Wise) – Stagecouch, Franco-Prussian war edition.  Turns out the Germans were Nazis even back then.  And, like today, (er, I mean 1944), most Frenchmen would rather deal with them than resist.  Watched it all.  Starring Simone Simon as General de Gaulle, who by making a symbolic contribution makes it all seem okay in the end.

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