256 + 256 posts

It’s only been half a year since the previous 256 posts anniversary, but here we are again at 512 posts.  It’s because of all the movie posts – there’s one about every second day now.  I sometimes wonder if there may be some readers who aren’t the least bit interested in movies from the 1940’s.  But nah – that would be peculiar.  Full speed ahead!  We may reach the 50’s within a year.

For the 512 event I’ve redesigned the blog, by which I mean I’ve moved it to WordPress and selected one of their generic themes.  I picked one with black and grey, which for some reason appealed to me.

WordPress is a much better blog platform than Blogger.  They provide the basics for free, and charge for upgrades, (such as domain mapping), which may be why I got such immediate, friendly help today when I struggled to import the old blog entries.  Yay profit motive.

The new address is http://max256.bearstrong.net/, but thanks to the magic of The Internet, you won’t have to update any feeds or bookmarks.

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