40’s movies marathon – part 3

Dr Cyclops (1940, USA) – Hey, a mad scientist sci-fi! In Technicolor! A biologist moves into the Amazon jungle to learn to harness the power of Radioactivity over Life and Death, which, properly harnessed, he uses to turn big creatures into small creatures. He turns horses into .. small horses, pigs into .. small pigs, and people into .. small people. It’s a diabolical plan that is sheer elegance in its simplicity. (Step three: Profit!) Preposterous and fun. Watched it all.

His Girl Friday (1940, USA) – Goofy-boy Cary Grant tries to prevent his ex-wife from giving up her career as a journalist to settle down as some loser insurance salesman’s baby machine. They team up to prevent the hanging of a man who .. isn’t exactly innocent as such, but all he did was shoot a “colored cop”, and a man shouldn’t hang just because a city’s “colored vote” demands it, now should he? This is a quite fantastic movie, (as well as fantastically loud). Best line, when Grant tells the news desk to clear the front page: “Never mind the European war, we’ve got something much bigger!” Watched it all.

Der Ewige Jude (1940, Germany) – “There are 4 million Jews in Poland”, says the narrator, and what can one possibly add to that? The focus in this documentary is on the Eternal Jew as a parasite who embodies everything that is evil about individualism and capitalism. However civilized some European Jews may appear, there’s always a filthy money-grabbing rat underneath. Watched it all.

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