Bookish new year observations

– Compared to what I used to blog about, writing about books and movies is clearly a bad economic decision. But book bloggers sleep better. (This is not true, but it ought to be.)

– No I don’t believe in e-books. Paper books are a near-perfect invention. People who read little won’t see the point of e-books, and people who read a lot will soon find that stacks of paper books are less stressful than 500 unread e-books on a flashcard. (This is a Prediction, and is utterly worthless.)

– I do believe in downloadable audio books. Audio books allow us to read when we walk and stand, and we don’t have to concentrate so much. That makes them a useful invention. (This is not a Prediction, it is already happening, but you should probably be skeptical all the same.)

– I almost never read bad books any more. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I don’t explore enough.

– I rarely read Norwegian books either. I figure that since we subsidize the authors to write them and the libraries to buy them, I should also get paid to read them. (*ba-dum-dum-ching*)

– The previous statement was bigoted. I promise to do better in 2009. (Maybe we can discuss payment later?)

– Suggested new-year’s resolution for fellow book-lovers: Adopt a forgotten book. Go into a second-hand bookstore and imagine all the books as wet and starving kittens. All they want is a warm bookcase to spend your life in.

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