30’s movies marathon – part 6

I’m no Angel (1933, USA) – Flimsy shreds of plot wrapped around a luscious body of nudge-nudge one-liners. Watched it all. But why does Mae West remind me of Bugs Bunny? This needs further investigation!

Picture Snatcher
(1933, USA) – Donald Duck employment story with James Cagney as the rogue who becomes the star photographer of a disreputable newspaper, beating his arrogant competitors to the scoop by being willing to go further than anyone else. Not good, but it’s hard to hate Cagney (or Donald). Watched: 40 minutes.

Zéro de Counduite (1933, France) – Boarding school dramedy. Am I watching these wrong? Maybe it’s a cultural barrier. The movie doesn’t seem bad, I just don’t care. Watched: 15 minutes.

Sagebrush Trail
(1933, USA) – There was a time in Hollywood when even the worst westerns were fairly good. 1933 wasn’t it. Still new to acting, John Wayne stares and smiles like some tourist who’s been let in on the set. Watched: 13 minutes.

The Invisible Man (1933, USA) – A visually challenged scientist is driven to madness and terrorism by the prying eyes of peculiar British villagers. They won’t even let him lock his own room! It’s no wonder he gets angry (and drives trains off the tracks etc.) Watched it all.

Ladies They Talk About (1933, USA) – Swaggering bank robber Barbara Stanwyck manipulates a naive preacher. Watched it all. IMDB reviewers say the plot is stupid, but apart from the lenient prison conditions it’s actually smart and well written.

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