4 Steve Aylett quotes

“As for Tolkien, I think those movies came along at a time when people would do almost anything to avoid thinking clearly about what is actually going on, and it was good homogenous escapism. I liked Liv Tyler’s mouth, and I think all three movies should have been just a close-up of that.”
Steve Aylett

“Satire works in a bunch of specific ways, like a very precisely-geared bomb. It’s a bit like something that looks harmless, and you swallow it, but once it’s inside you it’s too late, and it triggers, blowing up. And it’s your specific inner beliefs and faulty arguments that trigger a satire bomb. If your arguments work, the bomb doesn’t trigger, it doesn’t need to.”
Steve Aylett

“I would hope that [death is] just the end – I’d feel really cheated if I was woken up into another realm and had a load more shit to deal with. I really just want it finished.”
Steve Aylett

“It’s a shame, sort of a waste, that most people are influenced by what the newspaper supplements tell them is the book they are meant to be seen reading this year. It seems like those people aren’t really interested in books. If you’re really into books, you havoc all over the place picking up disparate stuff which you devour hungrily, and the ‘selection’ process is more like a sixth sense hunger, a billion miles away from fashion.”
Steve Aylett

I reviewed his Slaughtermatic earlier, and I’ll be back for more.

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